AEM UEGO Inline Converter

This application will convert the AEM UEGO Inline version to a format that can be used by Cobb AccessTUNER. It will translate the outputted lambda at 19200 baud to AFR, and output that to another COM port at 9600 baud.

You will need to install this and com0com


You will need to install com0com to get this working. This software package will install a “pair of COM ports virtually connected by a null-modem cable.” What does that mean? It provides the interface for the UEGO Converter to talk to AccessTUNER. See this picture:


Installation instructions for com0com can be found here.

AEM UEGO Inline Converter


The input COM port should be what directly connects to your AEM UEGO Inline. This will be the COM port that your serial-to-usb converter uses, or just your serial port (should you have such an old laptop). This is referred to as COMx in the above diagram.

The output COM port should be the first of the two ports that com0com installed. This is referred to as COMy in the above diagram.

In Cobb AccessTUNER settings, you’ll select COMz as the COM port under the tab “AEM UEGO AFR Gauge”


In this example, COMy = COM4 and COMz = COM5


My USB-to-Serial converter is on COM6


Cobb AccessTUNER is set to COMz (COM5 in this example)



Start the converter. If it’s working properly, you’ll see your current AFR/Lambda


Start the Dashboard to confirm that AccessTUNER is working:






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