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Finishing up the lights interface

Yay they’re here!! Mmmm they look so purdy :) Doing some continuity checks before I begin soldering and risk blowing components up Most parts are on, save the I2C resistors and the heat sinks. Time to program the microcontroller: It

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Lights Interface Design

Here’s the design for the interface: I’ll be sending this to for manufacture.

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0805 Capacitors / Resistors

Today I did a bit of soldering, and one thing that still amazes me is how small some components can be. I purchased some 0805 ceramic capacitors (0.1μF for those interested). These things are 0.08″ x 0.05″ (2.0mm x 1.2mm)! Even more

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Lights Controller Design

I did a quick design of the controller for the lights.  It’s pretty simple: Everything connects to an ATMega328P (the heart of an Arduino) microcontroller. The RGB LEDs connect through some 100ohm current limiting resistors to the micro. If you

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Just a quick shot of the LED strip in action. There’s an Arduino Uno controlling this with PWM (pulse width modulation) and some N-Channel MOSFETs. Some oscilloscope porn:

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Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights

I’m starting a project to install under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. Most of the options at Lowe’s aren’t really attractive, to say nothing of the price. One major requirement is to use LED lighting to keep the heat under

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New Oscilloscope

I finally purchased an oscilloscope, the Rigol DS1054Z from Tequipment. It took a little over a month to arrive, but it works great, and is packed with features. It’s hard to believe that this scope was only $399!  

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