Finishing up the lights interface

Yay they’re here!!
Incoming PCB

Mmmm they look so purdy :)


Doing some continuity checks before I begin soldering and risk blowing components up


Most parts are on, save the I2C resistors and the heat sinks. Time to program the microcontroller:


It works!20150611_194248

Let’s hook up the scope to see what our I2C signals look like.



Holy moly they’re awful with the ATMega328’s built-in pullup resistors. Fortunately I left spots on the PCB to add my own. I ended up with 2.2k ohms. Nice edge transition, not too much current.

After the external pullup resistors:DS1Z_QuickPrint6

Now the hard part… running the damn wires through the walls. I’ll update later on.







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